How to play slots & casino online

How to play slots & casino online

If you have not previously played for money online 96ace login, there may be a concern and uncertainty about how it works. Here is step by step instructions so that everyone themselves understand how registration to gaming companies is done.

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Choosing the right casino

The offer online today is gigantic when it comes to casinos and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that the casino must have a gaming license.

This is a sign that the casino is serious, that your winnings are tax free and that they have laws to follow that are there for the players’ protection. 

It’s fun to start your stay at a live casino that offers a bonus to new customers. 

The bonus usually consists of the gaming company matching the deposit you make. 

If, for example, you deposit 1,000 dollars, you then get a total of 2,000 dollars to play for. 

It is also important that the range of games is good and that the casino is easy to understand, easy to navigate and has a nice appearance. 

Register an account with a casino

The registration for gaming sites is something that has largely changed in 2019. 

One thing that remains is that you first click on “Create account”, “Play here”, “Become a customer” or similar depending on which heading the specific casino has chosen. 

After that, there was previously only one alternative and that was that you come to a page where you have to fill in information about yourself. 

This information consists of:

  • Name
  • Address
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Date of birth
  • Username and password

Normally an email will be sent to you which you need to open and click on a voucher link. 

This is to confirm that it is the customer’s email that is registered.

It can be verified on some pages through the mobile number instead of email and you will then receive an SMS with a code that you must fill in on the game page.

This alternative to registration has begun to be replaced by a more modern system, but it is still used in several casinos.

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Registration with bank id

The registration that is more probable and current today is that you only enter your date of birth and then identify yourself with your mobile bank identification. 

As Bank ID is something that almost everyone has in connection with banking matters in particular, this is a good development. 

It is a much faster system for registering for a gaming site. 

A couple of other advantages of the Bank ID option are that you do not have to send in any documents for larger winnings and that your withdrawals of winnings usually end up in your bank account within a few minutes after you have requested a withdrawal of these. 


There are several deposit options on all serious gaming sites. 

Most of us are used to shopping online with VISA / Mastercard, but on the gaming sites there are several options.

To begin with, you click on “Insert”, “Deposit” or whatever this game page has chosen as text. 

Then you come to the page where you choose which method you want to use for your deposit.

With the new registration with mobile ID, Trustly has taken over more and more.

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