Top 7 Trending News from the United States

Top 7 Trending News from the United States

United States of America is overly happy to welcome the new president of the US, Joe Biden. But is that it all?  The United States have some of the amazing news to share it with the other countries other than the Presidential election. We will see some latest news in the following post. From entertainment to technology to politics, the United States is going through a chaos of news eagerly waiting to be published and share it with the rest of the nations. Without any further ado let us chit the news post. Read on to find out the thrilling and awe-inspiring news bulletins and headlines.

Covid-19 and US

The first news headline is the Covid-19 and how it has taken a toll the US citizens and the various markets. When the year comes to an end, the coronavirus cases reached over more than 11-million. It is not news that Covid19 has been a rising wave to all the countries, and when it comes to the US, the numbers are just increasing and increasing.

Covid-19 and US

Biden and US

From here onwards, Biden vows to focus on the US economy when Donald Trump walks forward to overcome the challenges faced in the election. He is also focusing on increasing the lawsuits of the US.

Michigan to halt or ban the indoor dining

One of the states in the United States, Michigan raised the awareness that they will be blocking and restricting all the indoor dining and in-person in an educational institution when the state saw a high peak in the increase of coronavirus, says the governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

indoor dining

What happens when you consume 27 magnets?

Well, a boy from Indiana swallowed 27 magnets and was rush to the hospital to remove it. This happened on November 15, 2020, when the boy tried stuffing his mouth and body with 27 magnets! All the 27 magnets were removed, and the family vowed they would not keep anything smaller than a finger in the room subsequently.

Rare tornado in Manhattan, Bronx

The national weather service reported they observed a rare tornado warning in the Manhattan, Bronx. The warning was stated at 8:40 pm. It was also stated that the warning was only a warning and nothing really happened. However, residents and other citizens were asked to get back to a much safer place at the earliest.


Man arrested for attacking Rick Moranis

Yes, you heard it right. A man was arrested in New York for attacking Rick Moranis. The police arrested the accused in the subway system only a few blocks away from the attack took place. The man was a 35-year old person who tried attacking Rick Moranis.

Filmmakers finding a new way to incorporate film to the audience

With coronavirus taking a toll on the film industry, they have found new steps and procedures to make the film more feasible through various techniques.

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